Your Eyes and Vision

Selecting the Right Lenses for You

Advancements in eyeglass lenses over the past two decades have made eye wear more attractive and comfortable to wear. You can now choose from lenses that are extremely thin for better cosmetics, light weight for greater comfort, impact resistant for improved safety and durability, polarized for reduced glare, and photochromic for automatic changes from clear to dark based on light conditions.

Most of the above changes are determined by your choice of lens material or coating. But each lens also incorporates a unique lens design, consisting of a pattern of clear and distorted areas that varies according to your prescription and individual needs.

Lens prescriptions come in two basic types – multi-focal (multiple viewing distances), and single vision prescriptions. The most common multi-focal prescription is for the progressive lens.

The eye-wear prescription resulting from your eye exam, or refraction, will determine which type of lens you require. In some cases, your doctor may recommend a specialty lens, such as a computer or task lens.

Vmax Vision offers premium single vision and progressive lenses designed to meet your individual needs and maximize your vision.