point spread function technology

Better Measurement — Better Vision

Point Spread Function (PSF) (n): The most fundamental measure of any optical system; the advantage of using a point is that it is essentially a zero dimensional object.

Any time you use a one-dimensional or two-dimensional object in refraction, you are introducing the possibility of bias. For example, a line is one-dimensional, while letters or images are two-dimensional. The orientation of these images may amass astigmatism or higher order aberrations of the eye. The best refraction target is a point.

The The PSF Refractor™ and PSF Integro™ by Vmax Vision Inc. is an innovative technology that utilizes the principles of point spread function to deliver a more refined and accurate refraction, resulting in better vision for patients.

5x More Accurate

The PSF Refractor™ and PSF Integro™ measures refraction data in 0.05D increments –5x more accurate than the phoropter’s 0.25D measurement increments. The refined prescription produced by the The PSF Refractor™ and PSF Integro™ combined with the outstanding design and personalization characteristics of Encepsion Lenses from Vmax Vision, delivers significantly better vision.

Neutralizes Aberrations

Because it uses point spread images, the PSF Refractor™, PSF Integro™, and Perfectus™ automatically correct for both low and high order aberrations in the final prescription, maximizing acuity and contrast sensitivity simultaneously.

Prevents Over-Minusing

The PSF target will appear blurred to the patient who is looking beyond the endpoint – rather than simply smaller and darker as with Snellen letters – preventing over-min using and ensuring an accurate prescription and better vision.

Less training. More treating.

The PSF Refractor™ maximizes office efficiency with a refraction system that is easy to learn and operate. Training time is significantly reduced compared to the phoropter, enabling a quick transition to state-of-the-art technology, technician delegation*,and a more productive practice.

Unique Night Vision Correction

The PSF Refractor™, PSF Integro™, and Perfectus™ introduce the first true night vision correction based on an exam conducted in a nighttime environment. The system’s use of a point spread target rather than a Snellen letter is conducive to a ready solution to nighttime vision, generating a unique night vision prescription in just a few minutes.

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