Encepsion™ lenses

Not just customized. Personalized.

One of the most unique features of the Encepsion Lens is its level of personalization. The Encepsion design is generated at the time of cutting, incorporating patient prescription, frame selection, face form and visual task information to optimize vision for the individual wearer.

“Flexible” Design based on Task Needs

The “flexible” design of Encepsion progressives allows the size of the reading and intermediate areas to be balanced at the time of cutting to deliver optimal vision based on the task needs of the wearer.

Enables “task-specific” lenses – whether your patient needs glasses for construction work, airplane piloting, truck driving or sports, Encepsion delivers the best vision for that particular need.

Accommodates Frame Curvature

Diamond Point™ cutting software modifies the “flat” lens design parameters to accommodate the curvature of the selected frame.

Incorporates On-Face Frame Position

The Encepsion design is further personalized during digital surfacing based on how the frame is worn on the face.

  • Measurements taken during frame fitting are incorporated into the digital surfacing program.

  • Lens design is modified based on those measurements to ensure the correction is placed in the exact location required for best vision.