Improved Refraction Ergonomics

Less work. Better results.

Both doctors and patients find that the digital PSF Refractor™ provides a more comfortable refraction, eliminating the physical stress doctors typically experience with the manual phoropter while minimizing eye fatigue for patients.

More Comfortable for Doctors
  •       - The computerized PSF Refractor is quick and comfortable to operate, minimizing physical and mental fatigue for the doctor.

  •       - Small laptop computer manages the entire refraction process

  •       - No bending and spinning dials on a phoropter and mentally recording responses

  •       - Doctors can focus on patients rather than on the equipment that is testing patients

Less Stress for Patients
  • Looking through the phoropter is reportedly one of the eye exams that bothers patients the most, as they find it difficult to differentiate the endpoints.

  •      - PSF target-based exam results in a more comfortable refraction and less eye fatigue

  •      - Blur factors allow for easier differentiation, producing more reliable results with less strain on the patient

  •      - Patients are more confident in their responses with PSF Refractor

  •      - 90% of participants in a recent study of 900 patients preferred being refracted with the PSF Refractor™ compared to the phoropter