Subjective Digital Rx for both day and night! Vmax Vision™ is the only company that can subjectively maxifye your night vision. Provide your patients with a true digital refraction, in comparison to other auto phoropters that are available.

Vision maxifye (verb)

/viZHən, maksə, fa, eye/

1. The action of maximizing all aspects of patients' vision.

2. The act of both magnifying and subjectively maximizing a patient's day and night prescription.

3. The act of taking vision "to the max"


The Vmax Difference

4 JCC's on the Fly


Differentiate your practice by giving the most accurate subjective refraction available on the market. PSF refractors, utilize any of the following 4 Jackson Cross Cylinders on the fly:

  1.  0.5 D Jackson Cross for Normal 20/20 vision patients
  2.  0.25 D Jackson Cross for patients capable of seeing better than 20/16
  3.  0.12 D Jackson Cross for patients capable of seeing 20/10
  4. 1.0 D Jackson Cross for Medical and Low Vision patients

Give your patients the Maxifye Experience. Provide your patients with a digital refraction, which will transfer into digital lenses to provide better end result vision to your patients.


Eliminate "Which is better 1 or 2?"


  • Patient's old Rx versus new Rx
  • Conventional versus digital refraction