PSF integro™


A Complete Refraction Lane-in-a-Box

Vmax Vision™ is committed to enhancing eye care for both eye care practitioners and patients. Vmax Vision’s PSF Integro™ vows to increase efficiency and yield for users of the PSF Refractor.

Reduce Your Refraction Lane

Providing a 20 feet effective distance, the PSF Integro eliminates the need for practices to have a 15 – 20 foot lane (often achieved by mirrors). By effectively cutting the exam lane by two thirds, the highest level of precision and accuracy is achieved in one third of the space and without inducing accommodative response. Eyecare practitioners can now double their working capacity and revenue, with the PSF Integro, with none of the added space requirements.

Maintaining the Same Level of Excellence

Experience the exceptional standard of accuracy with PSF Integro. Identical to that experienced with PSF Refractor™.  Using Point-Spread Function (PSF) technology to measure patients’ subjective visual response, the PSF Integro provides unparalleled visual acuity. Enabling the correction of higher-order aberrations, resulting in refractions that are up to five times more precise than with a phoropter and measuring to 0.05D accuracy.

A Third of the Lane, None of the Accommodative Response

Typically, when patients look into a box an image is created to simulate a specific distance, this is called instrument myopia. This can cause an accommodative response because the image is only several inches away from the patient, but is still inside of the box. The PSF Integro’s proprietary technology manipulates the optics within our box to achieve an actual distance of 20 feet versus the virtually simulated distances of other technology in the industry, effectively eliminating accommodative response.


Increase capabilities

subjective nighttime exam

With the PSF Integro exam, patients can now experience the most precise daytime prescription but also a fully subjective nighttime exam. Patients that suffer from nighttime driving problems and other low light problems, can experience the clarity and freedom provided by PSF Integro. The unique prescription nighttime exam provided by the PSF Integro exam can also include a unique subjective nighttime refraction.

Encepsion Lenses the Perfect Complement

Encepsion™ lenses are the perfect complement to the higher level of accuracy of the PSF Refractor and PSF Integro. The premium free-form lenses are available in progressive or single-vision lenses. Manufactured using 100% digital free form Diamond Point™ technology, Encepsion™ Lenses are designed to incorporate the patient’s lifestyle and individualized fitting data.

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PSF Integro exam

Patients can expect a faster, less-stressful exam with the PSF Integro. Patients routinely achieve better than 20/20 vision with PSF Integro.

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