Psf refractor™


The Technology that Makes Better Vision Possible

Vmax Vision introduces the revolutionary PSF Refractor™ a breakthrough in subjective refraction that delivers a more accurate prescription, increases office efficiency, and provides the first true night vision correction. Based on Point Spread Function principles, the PSF Refractor enables you to deliver measurably better vision to your patients.

How Does PSF Deliver Better Vision?

The PSF Refractor ensures better vision with a more accurate prescription derived from refraction data measured in 0.05D increments – five times more precise than the phoropter’s 0.25D measurement increments.

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Increases Office Efficiency

The PSF Refractor is easy to learn and operate, minimizing training time and enabling technician delegation for a more efficient and productive practice. Our new Voice Guided Subjective Refraction allows reduced training time, so what used to take months to learn can now be achieved in a few days*.

*Results may vary
First True Night Vision Correction

Only the PSF Refractor satisfies the unmet needs of patients with night time vision issues with a unique night time subjective refraction and Rx.

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