Frequently Asked Questions


PSF Refractor

1. How does the PSF Refractor work?

The PSF Refractor uses Point Spread Function technology combined with the patient’s subjective response to yield a more accurate prescription than the phoropter or auto-refractor.

2. How do you know the PSF Refractor is effective?

A recent study of 900 patients at eight sites clinically evaluated the PSF Refractor and 97% of the patients reported equal or better vision with the PSF Refractor prescription.

3. What value does the PSF Refractor bring to my practice?

It streamlines your practice by reducing chair time and increasing efficiency, differentiates your practice from competitors, and delivers greater patient satisfaction and confidence with the refraction process. Vmax includes staff training programs and marketing tools for your patients with your purchase of the PSF Refractor.

4. Is the PSF Refractor easy to use?

Yes. Training for you and your staff takes only a few hours. The PSF Refractor is easier for your patients too as it eliminates the repetitious “1 or 2” process and provides a more comfortable refraction.

5. How long does the PSF Refraction take? Will it add chair time?

The PSF Refraction takes just a couple of minutes for both eyes. Because it can be performed in the pre-screening process by your Vmax-trained technician, so it will not take any more of your chair time.

6. What can the PSF Refractor replace in my office?

The PSF Refractor in many cases can replace the phoropter and other refractive equipment as well.

7. Does the PSF Refractor have EMR connectivity?

Yes, the PSF Refractor has EMR connectivity with many of the major EMR companies. We are continually working to expand connectivity.

8. What other benefits can the PSF Refractor offer my patients?

The PSF Refractor, coupled with Encepsion lenses, creates a fully integrated system that provides measurably better vision for your patients. Plus, the PSF Refractor offers the first true Night Vision Correction, giving you a unique opportunity to satisfy a significant unmet need in the market.


Encepsion Lenses

1. What makes Encepsion Lenses unique?

Ultra-personalized Encepsion Lenses combine an exceptional single vision or progressive design, the most refined prescription available from the PSF Refractor, and precise patient data to deliver an unmatched level of clarity and performance. With our patented Diamond Point™ digital cutting technology, Encepsion Lenses are cut to an accuracy of 0.01D.

2. Does 0.01D really make a difference in vision?

Absolutely! In a recent study of 800 patients, 97% of participants said they could see the same or better with their Encepsion lenses.

3. How are Encepsion Lenses different from other premium PAL’s on the market?

While there are many good lenses available, only the Encepsion Lens is capable of incorporating the extremely precise Rx from the PSF Refractor, giving your patients the best possible vision. In addition, Encepsion Lenses are among the only lenses to deliver 100% of the doctor’s prescribed add power in the finished lens, ensuring patients receive the full qualify of vision that was actually prescribed. And Encepsion PAL’s are one of the only lenses that can be fit at heights as small as 11mm, so patients choosing smaller frames still get the full benefit of the Encepsion Lens design.

6. What lens treatments are available with Encepsion Lenses?

Encepsion Lenses can be customized with our super 16-layer anti-reflective coating, mirror coatings, and a variety of other treatments.

7. Are Encepsion Lenses available through my regular lab?

Vmax Vision has worked closely with partner labs to certify them and ensure that Encepsion Lenses are only produced to the highest standards. Only a Vmax Vision certified lab can produce the Encepsion lenses.

8. What is my cost for the Encepsion lens and what should I charge my patients?

Encepsion lenses will cost you less than other premium PALs, giving you a higher profit margin when priced like similar premium free form PAL’s.

9. Can Encepsion lenses be fit to any frame?

Yes! Virtually any frame style and size can be used for Encepsion lenses – from small fashion frames to large wrap sunglasses – providing your patient with a wide variety of choices and consistently excellent vision.

10. Can I order Encepsion Lenses in uncut blanks as well as finished?

All Vmax Vision certified labs are full service and can provide Encepsion Lenses in uncut form or as a completed job.