increase office efficiency

Less training. More treating.

The PSF Refractor™ maximizes office efficiency with a refraction system that is easy to learn and operate. Training time is significantly reduced compared to the phoropter, enabling a quick transition to state-of-the-art technology, technician delegation*,and a more productive practice.

Training in 2-3 Days

The traditional phoropter can take up to six months to learn. But with new text-guided instruction that visually guides the doctor or technician through each refraction test, all of the PSF refractors can be learned in just 2-3 days and mastered in a few short weeks.

  •        • New doctors can more quickly master the refraction process and begin treating patients.

  •        • Doctors can focus more attention on patient feedback during refraction as they are less engrossed in operating equipment and recording results.

  •        • Doctors can more easily delegate* the refraction process to technicians in order to decrease chair time and increase interaction with patients.

  •        • Doctors can finalize the refraction in a few seconds after the technician has conducted the pretest refraction.

Refraction in Minutes

Patients can be refracted in just a few minutes per eye with the computer-driven PSF Refractor™, PSF Integro™ and Perfectus™. It also minimizes the effort required to refract challenging cases.

The Perfectus can cut your subjective refraction chair time to approximately 60 seconds per eye in most cases* after the auto wave-front autorefraction has been performed.

Both objective and subjective measurements are done in one sitting. There is no longer a need to move your patients from pre-test to exam lane or transferring results from device to device.

  •        • Fast, easy and less stressful refraction

  •        • Patients feel more confident about test responses

  •        • Unique subjective night vision refraction in just a few minutes per eye

*Delegate refraction only if allowed by your state law. Refraction times are based on patients without medical or cognitive disabilities. Vmax PSF technology can improve medical patient refraction times.