Easy to Learn AND Operate

Reduce the learning curve

The beauty of the PSF technology is its ease of use. The Vmax Vision proprietary program minimizes refraction time by reducing refraction steps by as much as 50%. Easy operations and an internal script reduces training time on all Vmax Vision refractors to just a couple days. With Vmax Vision's PSF technology, you can train a new refraction technician* within weeks, not months or years. Stop getting frustrated when your trusted refraction technician has become ill or moves away. Most practices master PSF refractions in a just few weeks.**

Additional operation and patient benefits include:

  •      • Reduced chair time

  •      • Delegation** with confidence

  •      • Demonstrable improvement in patient visual acuity

Patients value a fast, comfortable, less stressful testing experience. Specially designed protocols can further reduce refraction times for challenging cases.

*As allowed by professional code of standards and according to state law.
**Average training time. Actual training time may vary.