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Learn How Vmax Can Maximize Your Vision

Like most of us, you probably assume you already have the best vision possible. But through new advancements in vision technology, it is now possible to further improve and even maximize your vision. Maximizing your vision means taking full advantage of the benefits available with today’s vision technology advancements.

Vmax Vision is at the forefront in driving these advancements, introducing a new generation of equipment for testing your eyes with greater accuracy and ease (PSF Refractor™), and customized Encepsion™ eyeglass lenses made with the latest in lens design technology (free form). Read on to learn more about how to maximize your vision.

Breakthrough in Clarity

Today’s eyeglass lenses can enhance vision beyond 20/20. EncepsionTM Lenses incorporate a number of sophisticated design technologies that, when combined with a high-precision Rx from the PSF Refractor, ensure a true breakthrough in visual clarity.

Improve Your Prescription

New technology for testing eyes ensures a more precise Rx. The PSF RefractorTM from Vmax Vision provides the major eye exam most patients are familiar with, generating the patient’s eye-wear prescription, or Rx.

Better Night Vision

Finally there’s a real solution for night vision problems! With the revolutionary PSF Refractor from Vmax Vision, eye care patients can finally obtain a real solution to their night vision issues during their regular eye exam.