Voice assisted subjective refractor

Vmax Vision™, the first and only medical device company in eye care to utilize Point Spread Function technology in objective and subjective refractions, introduces the latest ground breaking refractor to date -- The Voice Assisted Subjective Refractor, or VASR™.

VASR is a patient driven, wavefront autorefractor with subjective point spread function (PSF) refraction. VASR utilizes computer generated Artificial Intelligence to reliably guide the patient through the exam process. VASR will automatically discard results that are not consistent -- alerting the doctor if the prescription is not sufficiently accurate.

Increase Office Efficiency

VASR maximizes operational efficiency by eliminating the need to move the patient or transfer data between instruments. Both objective (wavefront) and subjective (PSF) refractions are performed within the same instrument. With a footprint of 2’x3’, VASR will fit in any tight space.

The Voice assisted Subjective Refractor Exam

VASR provides direct view of cataract formation, natural pupil size, and Zernike coefficients. Patient active fixation and eye tracking are unique features leading to its superior repeatability and reliability. Additionally, prescriptions can be refined subjectively to 0.05D. The VASR comes complete with a fully digital eye chart with Point Spread Function target, Snellen ETDRS, Lea, Allen and Duochrome.

The VASR will revolutionize the delivery of eye care: increasing patient flow, cutting costs, maximizing doctor utility, and saving time -- even for skilled refractionists.

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