About Progressive Lenses

A history of advancing vision technology?

Vmax Vision, Inc. is an eye care technology company offering a unique, patented integrated vision correction system. The transformative PSF Refractor™ and Encepsion™ Lens technology provides a quality of vision beyond that attainable with today’s traditional eye examinations and eyeglass lenses.

Vmax PSF Refractor™ measurements provide five times more accurate eye exams, made possible through a revolutionary refraction method using a point spread function rather than Snellen letter eye chart. It also provides an industry first – A Nighttime Vision exam. The Vmax refraction technology is protected by multiple patents.

Encepsion™ precision eyeglass lenses maximize patients’ visual acuity and are fully customized to patient needs. The combination of these two advanced technologies provides patients with their best achievable vision with significantly greater acuity, increased clarity, a wider field of view and more comfort.