Encepsion™ lenses
Diamond Point Technology

Complete accuracy for maximized vision

Proprietary Diamond Point™ digital cutting technology is uniquely capable of both design and prescription accuracy to 0.01 Diopters. The system precisely duplicates the refined PSF Refractor prescription to produce an individually crafted Encepsion Lens that delivers the highest level of acuity available.

Matches Refraction Point-by-Point

Diamond Point Technology is programmed to match the PSF Refraction point-by-point,delivering a prescription that is 5x more accurate than Rx’s from older systems like the phoropter.

– The only free form technology programmed to duplicate the refined PSF Refraction
– Cuts to an accuracy of 0.01D and is double inspected to 0.05D
– Delivers Rx as precise as the refraction device itself

Tailors the Design to the Wearer

The unique Diamond Point cutting software personalizes each Encepsion Lens based on wearer input to deliver the sharpest, clearest vision possible.

- Diamond Point optimizes progressive reading and intermediate zones at the time of cuttingbased on the unique task needs of the wearer
- Diamond Point modifies the “flat” design parameters of the lens to accommodate the curvature of the selected frame

  • • Lenses are tailored to patient Rx, face form, angle of gaze, and frame shape

  • • Lenses fit the most diverse range of frame size, shape and wrap