4K Vision

Fôr K viZHən (Noun)

1. The use of Point Spread Function Refraction prescriptions presented in ultra-high-definition Encepsion Lenses.

2. Ultra-high-definition vision.

3. The ability to see with 5 times more clarity and resolution. (See also Maxifye)

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Deliver 4k Vision

Vmax Vision refractors utilize Point Spread Function technology; incorporating 4 Jackson Cross Cylinders, which optimizes refraction on the fly. They have the ability to refine to 0.05D, meaning, patients can elevate their vision and enjoy high resolution scenery. PSF refraction offers the highest level visual acuity without over-minusing patients, resulting in 20/12 VA at maximum comfort.

To deliver the 0.01D accuracy in a PSF Rx, PSF Refraction is best when paired with Encepsion™ Lenses. Patients enjoy 4K vision with the 4th generation advanced optics design in both SV and PALs.

Point Spread Function Refractors