The Best Subjective PSF Refractor Plus a Wavefront Autorefractor All in Your Lane

The Lotus™ incorporates the remarkable clinical benefits and features of the PSF Refractor™ and integrates the Perfectus’™ wavefront autorefractor. Patients seamlessly undergo a quick wavefront autorefraction before immediately beginning their subjective Point Spread Function (PSF) refraction. This eliminates the need to move patients and data from device to device. Sitting on an arm, the Lotus effortlessly assimilates into your exam lane. The Lotus offers a more accurate and less stressful exam for your patients.


Offer Your Patients the Best Possible Vision

he Lotus offers a subjective refraction that is equal or better than a traditional phoropter. The use of a point spread function (PSF) target allows patients to more easily discern subtle differences in focus than those obtained using ETDRS Snellen letters. Prescriptions can be refined to 0.01 Diopters, rather than 0.25 Diopters as found with traditional phoropters, providing the highest level of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. A fully digital eye chart comes standard on all Lotus devices. Vmax Vision’s eye chart includes: near point testing, fully digital randomized ETDRS Snellen, Tumbling E, Landolt C, Lea, Allen, contrast sensitivity and duochrome eye chart.

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