Eye Care Provider

Eye Care Provider

Welcome Eye Care Professionals! We invite you to explore our pages to learn how to achieve more accurate and reliable refraction results, maximize office efficiencies while relieving physical stress, and deliver the best vision possible using today’s most current technology. Vmax Vision is dedicated to advancing refraction technology beyond the phoropter to deliver a more reliable, comfortable and accurate subjective experience. Our patented PSF Refractor™ combined with digitally personalized Encepsion Lenses™ help bring your practice into the 21st Century and enable you to offer measurably better vision to your patients.

Point Spread Function

Point Spread Function (PSF) (n): The most fundamental measure of any optical system; the advantage of using a point is that it is essentially a zero dimensional object.

Diamond Point Technology

Proprietary Diamond Point™ digital cutting technology is uniquely capable of both design and prescription accuracy to 0.01 Diopters.

Night Vision Correction

The revolutionary PSF Refractor is the only subjective refraction device that corrects nighttime vision problems during a standard refractive examination.