For Doctors

Advancing today’s vision technology

At Vmax Vision, we’re dedicated to developing and introducing innovative eye care technology that ultimately leads to better vision for lens wearers. Our patented PSF Refractors, (PSF Refractor™, PSF Integro™, and Perfectus™) make the traditional eye exam more comfortable for doctors and patients while delivering a more accurate eye-wear prescription – the Vmax Rx, or what we call the Vx™. The PSF Refractor’s Vx is maximized when combined with Vmax Encepsion™ Lenses. Encepsion Lenses are customized to face and frame measurements to ensure maximum performance and significantly better vision.

Vmax Vision was founded in 2008 by Shui Lai, Ph.D., an innovator in the eye care industry for over twenty years. Prior to starting Vmax, Dr. Lai developed a series of breakthroughs in the fields of laser eye surgery and vision measurement instrumentation and held the role of founder, inventor, CEO and Chief Technical Officer at a variety of high tech start-ups nationwide.

As founder and CEO of Vmax Vision, Dr. Lai leads the development process for new technology innovations while positioning the company for long-term success.

A Better Eye Exam

The keynote product for Vmax Vision is the PSF Refractor™, a unique device that brings the traditional eye exam into the digital age. Replacing the 80-year-old phoropter (the refraction equipment that requires you to respond to“Which is better, one or two?”), the PSF Refractor produces a prescription using measurements that are five times more accurate than those from the phoropter, giving you a better prescription, and better vision.

The First Night Vision Correction

The PSF Refractor offers an industry first – a Nighttime Vision prescription. Now you can finally have better night vision with a separate pair of eyeglasses that correct the visual aberrations you experience at night or other low light situations, for example when driving.

Exceptional Eyeglass Lenses

Vmax offers state-of-the-art Encepsion™ Lenses, designed to incorporate the advanced prescription from the PSF Refractor. Encepsion™ precision eyeglass lenses maximize patients’ visual acuity and are fully customized to patient needs.

The combination of these advanced technologies gives patients their best achievable vision with significantly greater acuity, increased clarity, wider fields of view and more comfort.