diamond point technology

Delivering better than 20/20 vision

Encepsion Lenses incorporate a number of sophisticated design technologies that, when combined with a high-precision Rx from the PSF Refractor, ensure a true breakthrough in visual clarity.

Edge-to-Edge Clarity
Advanced Encepsion Lens designs provide significantly better vision for every wearer, in every prescription.
– Virtually eliminates unwanted astigmatism, swim and peripheral distortions
– Up to 20% wider fields of view with design and prescription engineered on back lens surfaces, closer to the eye than traditional molded lenses
– Ensures reduced glare and increased visual comfort

100% Prescribed Add Power
Encepsion Progressives are among the only lenses to deliver 100% of the doctor’s prescribed add power in the finished lens, ensuring patients receive the full quality of vision that was actually prescribed.

Smallest Seg Height Possible
Encepsion Progressives are one of the only lenses that can fit frame segment heights as small as 11mm – so patients choosing smaller frames still get the full benefit of the Encepsion Lens design.

Higher Level of Acuity
Proprietary Diamond Point digital free-form software cuts both the design and prescription to an accuracy of 0.01D, precisely duplicating the refined Rx from the PSF Refractor and delivering a prescription 5x more accurate than Rx’s from older systems.

Any Frame Shape, Size or Style
Whether patients require single vision or progressive lenses, Encepsion Lenses are uniquely designed to accommodate all frame shapes, sizes and styles, including wrap frames.
– Reduces distortions associated with oblique viewing angles
– Counteracts astigmatism and prism effects, providing the most natural distortion-free vision possible
– Can fit any frame in your practice, or any special order frames

Better than Perfect™ Vision
By combining a PSF Refraction with complementary Encepsion Lenses, many patients achieve better than 20/20 vision. In fact, 20/15 or better is commonplace for PSF patients!