Vmax Vision to Launch a Voice Activ Subjective Patient Self-Refracting technology at the American Academy of Ophthalmology


MAITLAND, Fla., October 11, 2016 – Vmax Vision™, the first and only medical instrument company to use Point Spread Function technology in objective and subjective refractions, introduces a most ground breaking piece of technology yet -- The Voice Activ™ Subjective Refractor, or VASR™.

VASR encompasses all of the advanced features of the Perfectus™, which combines a wavefront autorefractor with subjective point spread function (PSF) refraction. VASR is unique to the eyecare world because it is a patient self-refracting instrument. Computer generated Artificial Intelligence reliably guides the patient through the exam process, discarding results that are not consistent and alerting the doctor if the prescription is not sufficiently accurate.

VASR maximizes operational efficiency by eliminating the need to move the patient or transfer data between instruments. In addition, it provides direct view of Cataract formation, natural pupil size, and Zernike coefficients, wavefront maps, along with other advanced optical functions and analysis. Patient active fixation is another one of its unique features leading to its superior repeatability and reliability.

The VASR will revolutionize the delivery of eyecare: increasing patient flow, cutting costs, maximizing doctor utility, and saving time -- even for skilled technicians. Vmax Vision recommends a technician be present to attend the patient and oversee the process.

VASR is not just another piece of equipment -- it aims to transform the eyecare. VASR dramatically increase doctor utility and expands business hours. It makes it possible to partition an eye exam into refraction and eye health. It offers convenience and cost saving for offices.



About Vmax Vision

Vmax Vision, Inc. is a Florida-based ophthalmic company that offers four Point Spread Function refractors: the PSF Refractor™, PSF Integro™, the Perfectus™, and now VASR™. Vmax Vision refractors achieve a higher level of accuracy and quality of vision. Each of these refractors is designed to improve eyecare treatment, patient experience, productivity, and increase revenue.

When the precise prescription is combined with Encepsion™ lenses, which are precision cut to 0.05D, patients enjoy remarkable clarity, extra-wide fields of view, and complete visual comfort. Encepsion Lenses encompass advanced digital free-form progressive and single vision lens designs.

The subjective nighttime refraction is yet another unique feature of Vmax technology. Nighttime refraction offers a solution to the unmet needs of resolving night vision symptoms and provides a unique Rx, and in many cases, results in a second pair of eyeglasses for nighttime uses.

Only Vmax refractors produce subjective prescriptions matching and utilizing the precision afforded by digital free form lenses technology. The space age refraction upgrades any practice to a new age image.

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