Vmax Vision announces the launch of the Perfectus

Vmax Vision announces the launch of the Perfectus—combining wavefront auto-refraction and PSF subjective refraction in one space-saving unit

March 13, 2015 – Florida – Vmax Vision Inc., the manufacturer of the PSF Refractor™ and the PSF IntegroTM, announce the launch of the Perfectus—a new Refraction Lane-in-a-Box that incorporates wavefront aberrometry together with the company’s subjective point spread function refractor. With the new Perfectus, eye care practitioners receive all of the clinical benefits of the PSF Refractor, the space-saving virtues of the IntegroTM, and the advantages of a built-in wavefront autorefraction that serves as a starting point—allowing practitioners to achieve a more accurate refraction in a fraction of the time.

With the Perfectus, there’s no more walking from room to room. All refractive testing can be performed at the same unit. “You really get the best of both worlds,” says Shui Lai, PhD, CEO of Vmax Vision. “The Perfectus incorporates the outstanding subjective technology from the PSF Refractor and marries it with wavefront autorefraction technology, allowing eye care practitioners to achieve reliable refractive outcomes with unprecedented efficiency.”

Introduced in April 2011, the PSF Refractor measures a patient’s subjective visual response to a point source, enabling a highly precise refraction to 0.05D—that’s five times more precise than the traditional phoropter. The unique PSF Refraction corrects for higher-order aberrations and helps prevent over-minusing of prescriptions. In addition, the PSF Refraction enables the first true night vision correction, identifying and correcting nighttime-specific visual aberrations.

Introduced a few years later, in August 2014, the IntegroTM (formally known as the IntegraTM) added extra efficacy and productivity by reducing the refraction lane by a third. Providing a 20 feet effective distance, the IntegroTM eliminates the need for practices to have a 16 to 20 foot lane. This enables the achievement of the highest level of precision and accuracy but in one third of the space—and without inducing accommodative response.

The Perfectus, Vmax Vision’s latest leap in refraction technology, incorporates all of the outstanding features from the PSF RefractorTM and the PSF Integro™ and adds a third component—wavefront aberrometry. The Hartmann-Shack wavefront serves as a highly accurate starting point that then kick-starts the subjective PSF refraction, which has an endpoint of 20/12, as opposed to the standard 20/20. Better still, in many cases, this extremely precise refraction can be achieved in less than 1 minute per eye.

Make no mistake, the new Perfectus does not replace the subjective exam. Patient input is still key. “We still believe subjective readings are the most important,” says Dr. Lai. “However, an objective reading within the device is ideal because we now have an accurate starting point that will get us to our subjective end point faster and more accurately.”

When combined with proprietary Encepsion™ Lenses from Vmax Vision—advanced digital progressive and single vision lens designs and the only lenses to incorporate the PSF Refraction—patients enjoy remarkable clarity, extra-wide fields of view, complete visual comfort, and a true solution to night vision problems via a unique Rx and second pair of glasses.