Refraction Training

Significantly Shorter Refraction Training Time

Increase office efficiency with the PSF Refractor™. Training time is significantly reduced compared to the traditional phoropter, which typically takes 6-9 months.The PSF Refractor enables an accelerated transition in the latest in eye-care technology, technician delegation*,and a more productive practice.

Voice Guided Refraction

With the PSF Refractor’s new Voice Guided Instruction, refractionists can learn how to refract in just 2-3 days and master it in a few short weeks. The Voice Guided Instruction audibly guides the patient through each refraction test while simultaneously visually guiding the refractionist’s responses.

Long Term Training

Vmax Vision is dedicated in providing not only the best possible vision, but also the best possible service. To that end, we are proud to announce the completion of our first Training Video Series.

We understand that whether you have refraction experience or not, the PSF Refractor™ is still new to you all. So, we’ve devised a series of training videos for each level of experience and understanding, from the most experienced refractionist to a novice.

Vmax Vision has designed training videos to address individual learning needs. Each short video walks the refractionist through the software navigation, an in-depth explanation of each of the exams and helpful tips for delivering a smooth eye exam.

*Delegate refraction only if allowed by your state law