Improve Your Prescription

The technology that makes better vision possible

The PSF Refractor™ from Vmax Vision provides the major eye exam most patients are familiar with, generating the patient’s eye-wear prescription, or Rx. Vision care doctors who use the revolutionary PSF Refractor™ are able to provide a more accurate prescription as well as the first true night vision correction.

Based on mathematical principles, the PSF Refractor enables your doctor to ultimately give you measurably better vision. 

How does PSF deliver better vision?

The patient refraction data from the PSF Refractor is measured in increments that are five times more precise than those used in the traditional phoropter (the manual device that requires a response to “Which is better, one or two?”). The more precise measurements allow wearers to achieve the best possible vision.

The refined prescription produced by the PSF Refractor, combined with the outstanding design and personalization characteristics of Encepsion Lenses from Vmax Vision, delivers significantly better vision.

Fast, comfortable refraction

Patients can be refracted in just a few minutes per eye with the computer-driven PSF Refractor.

  • • Fast, easy and less stressful refraction

  • • Patients feel more confident about test responses

First true night vision correction

In addition to providing a better prescription, the PSF Refractor satisfies the unmet needs of patients with nighttime vision issues with a unique nighttime exam and prescription.

  • • The first and only true patient driven exam for nighttime problems

  • • Complete night vision refraction in just a few minutes per eye

Patient preferred

Results from a 900 patient clinical study on refractions showed that:

  • • 96% of patients attained better or equal visual acuity with the PSF Refractor™ compared to a phoropter.

  • • Of the patients in the study, 90% preferred being refracted with the PSF Refractor™ compared to a phoropter.